The quality of the product is protected during both, transportation and storage.

No Chemicals

The growth of aerobic organisms, mold, and fungi is kept under control without the need of using chemicals.

Low Cost

The cost is lower than that of conventional container transportation.


Inert gas sweeping.

Bag Bio

Bag Bio is a service of packaging, protection and preparation of agricultural food products for export.

Advantages of the Bag Bio System

* Proper service in site.
* Fully organic treatment.
* Product life span extension.
* Non-chemical control of aerobic organisms, mold, fungi, and insect growth.
* Competitive advantage in sales of natural organic food.
* Containers and services to export Agri-food

Bag Bio

Containers and services to export Agrofoods


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Industrial Park
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Zip Code 5200 - Argentina 


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